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Practice Areas
Family Law and Divorce Matters
The Gwright Law Group covers all areas of family law and separation matters. We provide services covering a very wide range of issues from divorce, child support and custody, to premarital contracts. A premarital (pre-nuptial) agreement is a written contract that attempts to determine property distribution and how alimony will be allocated if the marriage ends in divorce. A premarital agreement must be carefully drafted so that it complies with state law requirements. We assist clients in post judgment modifications, family law appeals, mediation, guardianships and visitation. We offer progressive mediation to help our clients resolve family problems as resourcefully as possible.

Matrimonial problems are indeed stressful for all the parties involved and we understand the complex legal and emotional issues that are associated with resolving these issues. Therefore, our goal is to support our clients by ensuring that all the parties involved receive useful representation and the full support of their attorney. We are able to achieve this goal by working with a network of both legal and non-legal professionals such as real estate professionals, financial planners and psychological counselors to ensure the optimum results for our clients and all the parties involved.

Estate Planning & Probate  
Estate planning and the preservation of wealth are inextricably linked to the prosperity of a family.  Therefore, the goal of GWright Law Group is to provide an all-inclusive estate planning and probate service to our clients. We achieve this goal by merging the skills of certified financial planners and accountants with our legal expertise. We assist our clients to secure sustainable prosperity by providing estate plans to meet the needs of every client. Most importantly, we focus on estate tax laws to minimize the tax burden on our clients. In conjunction with our estate planning services, we do probate litigation. We concentrate our estate planning and probate services in the tri-state area providing optimum protection for our clients.

Immigration Law
U.S. immigration law has federal jurisdiction and it covers the status of every (foreign) individual physically in the United States. Immigration law determines and effects the life, legal rights, duties, and obligations of aliens in the United States. It also provides ways by which certain aliens can become naturalized citizens. Immigration law serves as a gatekeeper for the nation's borders; it determines who may enter, how long they may stay and when they must leave.  The GWright Law Group handles all applications, such as Work Visas- H1B, TN, L, O, F-1, B-1, Fiancée Visas, Family Petitions, Permanent Residence - national interest waiver, extraordinary ability, PERM Applications, Corporate/ Business Transactions, Deportation Defense, Removal Hearings, Federal Court representation, etc. GWright Law Group serves clients across the United States; immigration law is within federal jurisdiction and therefore we are permitted to help clients nationwide and even worldwide. The bulk of immigration cases are done electronically and by mailing. This allows us to efficiently represent clients where they live and work.  

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Real Estate, Landlord and Tenant
GWright Law Group provides a comprehensive package which includes real estate litigation services to individual and commercial clients. We prepare mortgages, promissory notes, restrictive covenants and other loan documents. Our litigation service includes the representation of property owners, tenants, lending institutions and contractors. In addition, we represent clients in disputes involving property management, Mechanic’s liens, Construction contracts, Zoning issues, Leases, Loan modification, as well as Landlord-tenant cases.

Small Business Service
GWright Law Group provides an all-inclusive personal and business service package addressing the legal needs of small businesses, sole proprietors, and prospective entrepreneurs. Our services addresses Legal Contract Litigation, Shareholder Disputes, Business Formation(S Corp, C Corp, LLP, and LLC formations), and Employment Contracts. We also provide personal business services for your business as it grows, including general intellectual property and trademark services, Trademark Due Diligence, Help with Choosing Trademarks, International Trademarks & Madrid Protocols, Intellectual Property Protection, and other Trademark Services. In addition, we help small businesses develop and implement Employment Law policies. We counsel clients on sexual discrimination policies, employee handbooks, and employment contracts to avoid accusations of discrimination or harassment and distress to a company’s reputation or financial security.

Criminal Defense 
GWright Law Group delivers a level of quality, care, and personal attention that you won't receive from any other law firm. Whether you have been charged with a speeding ticket or a felony, we realize the criminal charges you face may be tough and our team is well prepared to aggressively defend you and fight for your freedom.  When it comes to your life and freedom, we are lawyers that will deliver results. Our expert criminal staff is able to handle a wide variety of criminal matters including the following:
Magistrate Hearings                         
Post-Conviction Relief/Criminal Appeals                        
Disorderly Conduct                        
Drug Crimes                        
Drunk Driving, OUI & DWI                        
Federal Crimes                         
Felonies & Violent Crimes                         
Juvenile Crimes                         
Motor Vehicle Crimes                         
Outstanding Warrants                         
Revoked & Suspended Driver’s Licenses                         
Theft Crimes                        
Search & Seizure                                                  
Traffic Violations                         

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Personal Injury

When it comes to personal injury, GWright Law Group knows that improving our client’s lives and getting the compensation they deserve is our job and we will work on your case to get the outcome you deserve. Our passion is to give our clients the best possible service and provide the outcome they desire in each and every case. Whether you have been in a Car Accident, Vehicle Rollover, Slip and Fall Incident, suffered injury due to Medical Malpractice or suffered any injuries due to the accidental or purposeful carelessness of others the GWright Law Group will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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